The Long Tail of Expedia TAAP


Q1 2011 saw more records broken through the Expedia Travel Agents Affiliate Program (TAAP).
In total 977 different destinations were booked through the program across 88 countries. This is still a fraction of the total destinations bookable through Expedia. The amount and diversity of inventory is just staggering with destinations from Antigua to Zimbabwe.

The top ten destinations in Q1 were in order: New York, Las Vegas, London, Singapore, Sydney, Honolulu, Paris, Melbourne, San Francisco, Dubai. This shows Expedia has very competitive rates and inventory at the top destinations Aussies run to both domestically and internationally.

It’s the hundreds of other destinations that are even more interesting. The top 20 destinations account for only 10% of the total number of bookings. Thousands of bookings are made to out of the way places, off the beaten track, from Mooloolaba in Australia to Deadwood in the USA. It’s the diversity of destinations and the amount of available inventory that is driving the growth of Expedia TAAP in Australia and New Zealand. The inventory is simply not available through other sources. Agents constantly comment that they are find more availability on Expedia than anywhere else. Even if another source does carry some inventory at a particular Hotel, often it is only 2 or 3 room types where Expedia carries 6 or 7 room types. 

Source = Expedia Travel Agents
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