Concorde Agents Discover the Beauty of Oman

  ::Concorde Agents Discover the Beauty of Oman::

A select group of Concorde Agency Network members were recently introduced to the beauty and exceptional hospitality of Oman on an ‘Oman Highlights Adventure’ hosted by Qatar Airways and the Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism.

According to CAN’s Michelle Ryan "The service on QR was truly exceptional, living up to its 5 star reputation, and Oman definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations".

The group were treated to a guided tour of Doha city before continuing to Oman’s capital, Muscat, to inspect the Grand Mosque with its stunning Swarovski crystal chandelier. They were then immersed in the flavors of Oman at local souks and markets, historic forts and museums and enjoyed several bouts of wadi-bashing not to mention ample opportunity to enjoy Oman’s spectacular coastal and mountain scenery.

Highlights also included  a feast of typical Omani fare in the home of a  local Bedouin family  and an overnight stay at the luxurious Desert Nights Camp; "The way camping should be!" according to Show Group Travel’s Lily Sisopha.

Front Row: Omani guides: Yacoub, Ali, Clara Schwarcz (Magna Carta Travel), Michelle Ryan (Concorde Agency Network), Lisa Myers (WOW! Travel), Lily Sispha (Show Group Enterprise)

Second Row:  Mohammad, Ingrid Wilson (Cousins Tours and Travel), Lorenzo Boccabella (CPE Travel), Salim (Tour Leader)  Mona Tannous (Oman Tourism), Mary Damic (Qatar Airways), Diana Abousattout (Rotana Travel)

Source = Oman Tourism
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