World Travellers up and running post-quake

World Travellers Christchurch City has announced that its operations are up and running after last week’s earthquake damaged the company’s premises.

The group’s managing director Larry Lumsden said experiencing the quake was frightening and devastating but despite the hardship the group received bounds of support and rebuilt its services in less than 72 hours.

“Of course our first focus was on the welfare of our staff, but they have pulled through remarkably well, and we are all keen to regain a sense of normality in our lives, and work can help to provide that,” Mr Lumsden said.

The head thanked the time put in by Galileo for assisting with setting up PC’s on the new site within 24 hours of the devastation.

The team is now liaising with suppliers, re-ordering stationery and brochure stocks, as well as focusing on keeping the website updated.

“The daily conference calls with the board [of World Travellers] have helped keep me buoyed, and the coop’s support has meant that we could quickly rebuild our business,” Mr Lumsden said.

“Suppliers have been amazing, from personal messages through to continued offers of help.

“It’s a tragic time for Christchurch, but we feel we’re contributing by getting our business back on track and letting our customers know that we are there for them.”
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J
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