Hahn Air announces a new partner airline

Hahn Air announced today that tickets of their new partner airline Star Perú (2I) can be issued on HR-169 documents in all major GDS as from now on.

Star Perú (2I)
Formerly called Star Up, is based at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima and operates scheduled passenger flights within Peru. Additionally to its 10 domestic routes, it flies to the Brazilian Amazon from its base in Lima. Star Perú also operates flights to destinations in Europe and scheduled flights on behalf of Swiss International Air Lines. Today, Star Perú has a totally renovated fleet of BAe-146 6 (100, 200 and 300).

For further information regarding availability and ticketing procedures of the new partner airline, please check www.hahnair.com or click here to get more information on Hahn Air’s services!

One Globe. One Ticket.

Hahn Air the ticketing expert operates the industry’s leading universal E-Ticketing platform for more than 230 airlines worldwide, using any GDS in over 180 (non) BSP and ARC markets.
Source = Hahn Air
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