Australian Business Revolutionises Pilot Flight Planning – Safer Skies

Flight preparations will now be a breeze for pilots, with the release of a groundbreaking, must have application (app) developed by iApps.

FlightBOX is a revolutionary free app created for iPhone and iPad; developed specifically for the aviation industry. FlightBOX is the only all in one flight bag app that features a fully customisable logbook for flight data entry.

iApps, Australian based software developer, worked closely with local aeronautical professionals to create an app that is technically accurate and desirable to the market. "We found a gap in this niche market; there was a need for an mobile application for pilots that would be useful from training and continue with them through their career," said iApps Managing Director, Mr Rick Hoy.

The app is a comprehensive utility, combining an array of functions that until now were built as individual apps. Mr Hoy said he previously had five different apps on his iPhone to do basic calculations.

"Being a trainee pilot myself, I appreciated the need for an all in one app that was user friendly and covered all the flight intelligence I needed," said Mr Hoy. "One major benefit of FlightBOX is the personalised logbook; there is no other logbook on the market that can be customized."

The freemium model app allows pilots to complete extensive pre flight planning and checklists, graphical route charting, flight intelligence, calculations and conversions, NAIPS weather, practice BAK and PPL exams and log all flight data.

In keeping with the legal requirement for pilots to keep a log inventory of all flights, the next update of FlightBOX will allow an electronic version of the log to be securely stored on a server through the app.

Future updates will also include extended global weather services, additional calculation functions such as fuel, wind and weight, all invaluable to the aviation industry.

In conjunction with the app, a FlightBOX web resource community has been created. The site connects pilots and aviation professionals to forums, industry relevant RSS news feeds, industry organisations and classifieds and jobs.

FlightBOX is available for download for free from the iTunes App store.

Source = iApps
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