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Walking your Talk…


I recently had the pleasure of watching the classic 1982 Richard Attenborough movie on the life of Gandhi, and I was struck by the authenticity with which he lived his life. Here was a man who truly ‘walked his talk’.

Walking your Talk…
Gandhi lived in a time when it was far more fashionable for an Indian man to dress and act like an English man. He became famous for wearing simple home-spun clothing which he wore with immense pride and dignity.

In a culture of keeping up with the Jones it is easy to lose sight of the things that truly make you happy, healthy and unique. It’s not a big step from there to see how this can infiltrate its way into aspects of your business. The implications of not being authentic/truthful with yourself spill over into:

  1. how you do business with others (if you can cheat and lie to yourself, then doing it to others should be a walk in the park),
  2. how you market your business (a direct extension of how you market yourself),
  3. how much passion and enthusiasm you have for your day to day tasks.

"Your character must be above suspicion, and you must be truthful and self-controlled. The truest test of civilization, culture, and dignity is character, not clothing. Men of stainless character will easily inspire confidence and automatically purify the atmosphere around them."

Mahatma Gandhi
Which led me to ponder the areas of life in which it is easy to talk a good story but walking your truth can be a little harder to maintain.

Knowing your Truth…
So what is this ‘Truth’? Maslow describes it as:
" … finding out what your real desires and characteristics are, and being able to live in a way that expresses them. You learn to be authentic, to be honest in the sense of allowing your behaviour and your speech to be the true and spontaneous expression of your inner feelings." From The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, by Abraham Maslow

So it may be that voice within that tells you that what you are currently doing is not good for your health, but a somewhat louder voice over-rides it with some ego-boosted bluster. If you’ve known for quite some time that you are engaging in a behaviour or habit that directly impacts on your health but you’ve managed so far to justify it to yourself with a myriad of excuses, then what message are you really sending? Is it "I trust my intuition and body-awareness to give me feedback on the best way forward for me. I choose to follow through with that guidance." Or is it a little more, "yeah yeah I can hear you warning me about my impending liver explosion but I’ll just pacify it with another glass of this Sav Blanc, it is after all a very good quality drop." Or maybe even "Shut up intuition I’ll listen when I’m dead!"

How Does This Affect Me?
This is particularly relevant in the world of:

  1. Coaching – be it business, sport, life or other. When you are holding yourself up as a coach you need to be damn sure you are ‘walking your talk’.
  2. Sales – people buy from someone they trust
  3. Leaders – in any field whether it’s business, political or religious, leading by example is a solid way to build credibility and enthusiastic devotion.
  4. Parenting – same as above but on a more long term scale! Kids can smell hypocrisy a mile off!

How could this impact on the way you do business? What benefits do you imagine could arise from being a more authentic version of yourself?

Until next time…..

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