Along with many others I suspect, I was a tad confused at the time regarding what actually emerged out of the merger of Jetset Travelworld Ltd and Stella Travel Services Holdings Pty Ltd in September 2010.


It was therefore very fortuitous that I was able to listen to a presentation at last week’s JTG Conference in Hong Kong by Peter Lacaze, which appeared on eTBTV on location yesterday at, which clarified things for certain for me and also I suspect others in the room, but also helped me realise the massive potential JTG now presented.

In essence, the outcome of the merger, which was completed only a short time ago is that The Jetset Travelworld Group has emerged as an integrated travel business operating several wholesale travel businesses, franchise-based and affiliate retail agency networks, air ticket consolidation, airline representation and travel management services, with operations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Fiji, Asia, the UK and South Africa.

What also amazed me was the brands that are now included the Jetset Travelworld Group including: –


  • Travelscene American Express,;
  • Harvey World Travel;
  • Jetset;
  • Travelworld;
  • Qantas Holidays;
  • Viva Holidays;
  • Travel 2;
  • Travelscene Holidays;
  • Travel Indochina;
  • Ski Express;
  • Rail Tickets;
  • Talpacific Holidays;
  • Newmans Holidays;
  • Orient Pacific;
  • Harvey’s Choice Holidays;
  • ATS Pacific;
  • QBT;
  • Travelscene Corporate;
  • Atlantic Pacific Travel;
  • JTG Business Select;
  • Air Tickets;
  • Concorde Agency Network; and
  • World Aviation.

New Zealand

  • United Travel;
  • Harvey World Travel;
  • The Travel Brokers;
  • Go Holidays;
  • ATS Pacific;
  • Atlantic Pacific American Express;
  • World Aviation; and 
  • QBT 


  • Qantas Vacations;
  • Travelscene;
  • Travel 2; and
  • Islands in the Sun


  • Tourist Transport Fiji; and
  • ATS Pacific.


  • Travel Indochina

United Kingdom

  • Travel Indochina

South Africa

  • Harvey World Travel.

Jetset Travelworld Ltd is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with an ASX code of: JET

I found all this quite amazing and stimulating and to hear what Peter and Warwick had to tell me, click on the video box below.


For extensive eTBTV on location coverage and videos live from the JTG Conference, Hong Kong, click here.

John Alwyn-Jones reporting for e-Travel Blackboard and e-Travel Blackboard TV on location from the Jetset Travelworld Conference – Hong Kong.

Source = eTB TV: J.A.J.
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