New Zealand Features in New Princess Blog

The New Zealand town of Napier is the first Australasian destination to feature on Princess Cruises new blog, “50 Essential Experiences: The Travel Bucket List.” 
The Napier blog is only the fourth in the series of 50, which will be released weekly over the next year, and underlines Princess Cruises’ growing connection with New Zealand. 

With two ships based permanently in Australian waters and Diamond Princess visiting for a four-cruise season, Princess has a record 22 New Zealand voyages scheduled over the next five months.

The fascinating story, posted by Diamond Princess Hotel General Manager Nigel Stewart, focuses on an earthquake that reshaped the town of Napier, New Zealand, and his family connection to the rescue efforts.

He writes: “Today this town is considered an architectural gem, but in 1931 the people of Napier found themselves contending with a tragedy that would change the town forever, but also give it worldwide acclaim.  On February the 3rd of that year the British Royal Naval vessel HMS Veronica had just tied up in Napier’s inner harbor at Hawke’s Bay when Captain Morgan, who commanded the Veronica, heard a loud clamor that he thought must have been an explosion on board.  As he went in search of the damage he was stopped short by a sight onshore. The wharf at Napier was twisting, and beyond it structures were crumbling, collapsing.”

The blog’s “Reader Essential Experience of the Week” features a post about Alligator Hunting in the Amazon. 

Each experience is authored by a Princess destination expert – a long-serving and well-travelled shipboard or shoreside employee.

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