Peter Lacaze welcomes JTG/Stella Travel merger completion

Peter Lacaze has released a statement welcoming industry partners to the new business created by the JTG/Stella Travel Services merger, which was finalized today.

The new CEO of this combined entity said, “The reason for this merger is to create a stronger company, which will be able to compete more effectively in a highly competitive and rapidly changing industry environment.”

Lacaze said the merger would greatly benefit all major stakeholders as key business partners will have improved trading opportunities with the expanded business, employees will have greater career opportunities and franchisees, members and affiliates will have greater security for their investment in their retail businesses.

Mr Lacaze also added that investors who have supported both companies will receive improved financial returns from the combined entity. 
“I would like to thank all industry partners who have been patient and supportive over the past year while we have been working hard to make this merger a reality.

“Regular communication will be critical to our success during the merger process. We have a number of activities planned, all of which are aimed at keeping industry partners and other stakeholders as fully informed as possible.”

Lacaze said the new company boasts a “highly experienced and successful executive team, supported by very capable senior managers, supervisors and operating staff.”
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F
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