Isn’t it about time escorted tours of Britain moved with the times? At last they have!

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Isn’t it about time escorted tours of Britain moved with the times?
At last they have!

Doesn’t it seem daft to you that conventional, escorted tours around Britain follow the same style and driving pattern now as they did 25 years ago? Yet so much has changed.

For one thing the motorways have clogged up making sensible and rewarding touring days a nightmare. A quarter of a century ago there used to be spaces between cars on the motorway system. Now many are considered to be slowly clearing car parks!

What else has changed? Oh yes, peoples’ touring wishes and holiday expectations. The discerning public no longer want repetitive one night stops and endless days trapped on coaches.

At last someone has done something about it and there is an alternative to offer your
clients! The Albatross Travel Group’s 19 day Great British Heritage tour has been
designed for the modern, more sophisticated market with 2, 3 and even 4 night
Hotels are wonderfully located so when passengers have finished their
included daily excursions they can wander at leisure through wonderful regional
towns such as Bath and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

With so much more time at hand there are so many wonderful highlights, visits and
sights included that simply cannot be considered on the usual ‘old fashioned’
brochured tours.

With departures between May and September 2011 and priced at $5,187 per person
twin share for 19 days, Albatross Travel’s Great British Heritage tour works out at
only $273 a day and includes a massive list of inclusions and exciting events.

For a full itinerary on this exciting new tour of Britain contact Albatross Travel on
1300 135 015 or go to

Source = Albatross Travel Group
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